Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tesla Motors To Be Manufactured In California

I know I'm late on this news, but I'm still excited about it so I figured better late than never. Tesla Motors is a newer car company out of the Silicon Valley that focuses on developing 100% electric cars. Obviously the ultimate goal is to make a more environment and wallet friendly car.
I've been a huge fan of their first car the Tesla Roadster. Again, this car is 100% electric with no emissions, besides that it's a beautiful car, and it goes 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. The bad news is that the first models started at $70,000 and now I think they're up to $90,000. They've been manufactured by another company somewhere in Europe, but it seems like Tesla has been trying to build their own manufacturing plant in the United States. From what I hear New Mexico put in a bid and almost won until Governor Schwarzenegger stepped in and pulled strings to have the plant built in California.
I definitely don't agree with the Governor on a lot of issues, but I really like this move. The incentives that his administration has put into place allows for other low emissions car developers to come into California and hopefully move the car industry into a greener future. The savings that Tesla Motors will receive by building their plant in California will also propel them to their goal of making a 100% electric car for under $30,000. Chairman Elon Musk stated in the press conference, "The goal of Tesla really is to produce mass market cars. This company is not out to solve a sports car shortage in the world. The reason we have an expensive car initially is because the technology is expensive and takes time to optimize. If we could do a low cost car right off the bat we would have done it."
I'm really excited about the direction Tesla is headed with environmentally friendly cars. If you would like to view the press conference announcing their plans for a new plant in Cali click right here. (all of these videos I'm posting are slowing down the loading speed on my blog)

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