Thursday, August 14, 2008

Skid Row's New Garden

(Picture taken from LA Times)
A handful of cucumbers and a cell phone- this has to be the most beautiful picture I've seen from LA's "Skid Row" district in a long time. The LA Times has an article about an apartment building deep within our most impoverished area that has planted their own garden amidst the concrete jungle. As stated by the article, Rainbow Apartments is mostly comprised of formerly homeless residents. They tried planting a potted garden on their roof before without any success, but a non profit called Urban Farming helped them plant their next one against a cinder block wall. The gardeners of Rainbow Apartments report how they were surprised by the way gardening united them, in an area where it sometimes seems best to keep to yourself.

Resident Jannie Burrows said, "It brings us together as a group, kind of like therapy, to see something growing and flourishing."

"We're trying to feed our bodies with better nutrients, but more than anything, we like getting together," said Lance Shaw.

God is working in L.A. This story is a gorgeous contrast to what most say of Skid Row and the people who live there. I pray that this example will spread and grow throughout their neighborhood and LA. I hope their plants will too.

(Check out the link to Urban Farming above, and learn more about their "edible walls.")


jrf said...

Thanks for the link. Sarah and i want to start a garden in the backyard of our apts. and this could be helpful in getting it started. We should try to keep the NH house one going to and get the youth more involved in it.

Digi D said...

I agree. I like the idea of edible walls too. It's a great idea for those of us in the city with limited ground space.