Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Paint the Town Red Part 2

"Red Sunday" was great. Over 200 people showed up in La Puente, CA to paint Hacienda Christian Fellowship red. Many supporters came out such as author, activist, and former player for China's National Basketball team Kai Chen. Many people driving by honked their horns in support of releasing our sisters and brothers in China. Large banners were hung on each side of the building that read "Ratify and Release" and "Let my people go." Watch the video that documents this event here.

So many churches in our culture spend billions of dollars on their buildings, and go to great lengths to keep it pristine or up to date with the latest technologies. I've known a lot of congregations that won't let certain people in their doors or kids skate on their steps for fear of messing up the building. "Red Sunday" was a beautiful example of God's people using the building He provided them as a tool to spread the heart of Jesus. As I rinsed out paint trays and brushes in their kitchen sink I saw the red drops of paint on every surface. As I walked through the halls I saw red smears and droplets on the floor that gave evidence to Jesus' presence in that building.

Please pray and stand up for our family in China being tortured in prison.



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