Thursday, July 21, 2011

Community Development Through Art

(One of the ACEOs I have up for auction for the next 10 days only)

Our identity under God is defined by our ability to be creators amongst many other things. We were designed by God to create as many different kinds of things as there are people, but one category is definitely art. If a person sees their own similarity to God through the work they do it can be a very deep connection to a God that otherwise seems too perfect for us to be anything like. With the arts comes culture, and then identity, a sense of belonging, and if you follow it through to the end it always points to the god that the artist worships. Hopefully their will be more artists acknowledging the true alpha artist of Genesis.

A common concern in my neighborhood here in L.A. is "How are we going to make it today?" Economic pressure is thick on our side of town. Murals, graffiti, music, and other art forms are also a common interest amongst us. (especially in an area where the arts art cut from school budgets) I'm pushing to create a career in the arts not just for myself, but to model hope to my neighbors. God is pushing me to think of unique ways to earn a living through selling used books and creating original art. I'm sure it won't stop there, but one of my ideas is in ACEOs. (Click on the link to discover what ACEOs are if you don't already know) ACEOs are affordable for the artist to make and for everyone to purchase. I have these small original pieces of art up for auction regularly on ebay. To view my auctions at any given time, please click on the "Auctions" link at the top of this blog.

I will check in on this blog with more efforts as the ideas and opportunities come.

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