Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Interview With Two Of My Mentors

  Julian Collette is a student of God's that has been on a mission to collect the thoughts and stories of people who live in intentional communities. He rode through LA on a funny bicycle and observed our community here in Pico Union for a few weeks. He attended our insanely crowded dinners with the neighborhood, including our Christmas smorgasbord, and even slept in the Nehemiah House basement. It was a pleasure to have him stay with us. Personally I enjoyed the conversations he and I had about ancient and new monasticism.
  All of Julian's interviews are recorded and posted on his site Emerging-Communities.com. In episode 19 he interviews our church's Associate Pastor Scott Yetter and his wife Sarah who lead two ministry houses that we have in the neighborhood (I lived in the Nehemiah House for four years). By clicking on the link above you will be able to listen to their interview with Julian and get an audible glimpse into our lives of ministry here in Los Angeles.
  Thank you Julian for visiting us and posting this interview.

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