Friday, March 26, 2010

Buy A Song For Skid Row

The weakest sector in our society is an indicator of how we are doing as a whole. In Los Angeles we aren't doing so well. Skid Row is an area downtown where the homeless population is swept under the rug not just by our city government, but by our residents too. The church must respond to this. We have a divine mandate to love our neighbors because whatever we have done unto even the least of these we have done unto Christ.

One simple thing that we can do at our computers is buy a song to give financial support to organizations who are trying to uplift humanity in LA. (Another simple thing we can do is look in the eyes of the homeless as we pass by and say hello or shake their hands. Be honest with them, and treat them like the human beings they are. Invite someone to lunch and have a conversation with them. Volunteer time at a mission. Get to know the people in the homeless community. Learn from them.)

Check out the video below...

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