Friday, May 29, 2009

Brookyln, NY Missions Trip '09

On July 26th through August 4th I will be co-leading a missions trip to Brooklyn, New York with our church's youth group

This will be our second year in a row going to Brooklyn, and last year's trip changed the life of our entire church. The parents' trust in letting their kids leave home for a week grew. Our small church bonded in unity as they all chipped in to send us to New York, but most importantly, I think our confidence in ministry grew- especially with the students. It was amazing to witness them see God's calling on their lives for the first time.

While we are living in the 2nd EV Free Church of Brooklyn for a week we will be: leading every aspect of a 4 day vacation Bible school, tutoring in a learning program at the church, cleaning the church, and prayerfully sharing the gospel with everyone we meet along the way. Internally we hope to learn a lot on this trip and recieve knowledge regarding God's kingdom and our commission to serve others with humility. We need your help. Please send us with your prayers. If God is not with us on this trip, we might as well not go.
Each member of our team needs to raise $750 to go. This amount pays for a round trip ticket, food, shelter, and the cost to run the B.U.M.P. program. Since we are from a small church, we need a lot of financial support. If you would be so generous as to help us we would greatly appreciate it. Below are instructions on how to give money for the cost of our trip.

If you feel led to contribute financially you can mail a check to First EV Free Church L.A. 1356 S. Albany St. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Put a note somewhere in the envelope stating that you are contributing to John Tallacksen's New York fund or to the whole team. Please do not write my name anywhere on the check. This will ensure that your donation will be tax deductible.

Thank you to all of you who supported us last year, and to all who have or will this year!

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