Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mr. J Medeiros: Free Downloads

Echo Park Hip Hop artist Mr. J Medeiros (the Procussions) has put a few gems on his myspace for free download. Basically what happened is that he was looking through his files yesterday, and found a few long forgotten tracks that he had made in the past. Old memories washed over him, so in his excitement over finding these lost treasures he posted them online for downloading. These tracks probably won't be up for very long so go get them now.
One of the more interesting tracks is called Remember Me; the instrumental that eventually became his popular single Constance. Below are the titles and stories behind each track in his own words.

1. Emotional Emergency- made this joint in 2000, first remix i ever made and it was of one of my favorite artists of all time, Bjork. This remix was made because i was unable to say everything i wanted to say to my new girlfriend. partly because i wasnt sure if what i wanted to say was for her or my ex i couldnt get over. it was just like i felt two things, lost and found, both equally deep, important, needed, useful, hurtful,, i said nothing....and made this song. Funny, i spent so much time trying to make this remix because i had just got my equipment and really didnt know how to use it, how to make beats, how to play bass lines, how to sample. I just knew i was tired of feeling paralyzed and not able to express myself outside of words. by the time i learned my equipment and produced this song we had already broke up and it was more of a farewell gift at that time.

2. Remember Me- i made this around 2003. it was one of the first songs i made after moving to California. it was the ground work for what later became "Constance". I made this song as an instrumental, i felt the track so much that i decide i had to rap with it, i had to speak into it...i had to be in it, with it....thats when i wrote the song "Constance" and worked with the beat until we were both in agreement.

3. For My Buddy- when this track first came on this morning, i didnt recognize the drums or what they were doing. as the track started to move i got this crazy feeling of sadness...yes it was depressing but it was much more then that, i could remember making it, but i couldnt remember why, i had a face in my mind i couldnt make out but i knew i missed it. as soon a the cello came in i remembered. corny as it sounds, i thought about the first time my parents brought home my dog...i named him buddy. he use to sleep on my bed, he lived for almost 13 is so crazy to think how angel like, God like, loyal this dog know that i grew up and forgot about him, until he passed and he never held a grudge about it he was just always happy to see me come home.

4. Cup to Pass- this is just a tough one, most people i have showed this too havent liked it the way that i do. i use to love the movie "Platoon", i watched it when i was really young, too young and whatever it did to me, came out on that song and to know that people live in a movie like "Platoon" everyday makes me feel like a rich, snob, arrogant, selfish human being...helpless. i want to make music that inspires people who are smarter then me to do something about it. ha.

5. Restless Things- I have a friend that i have had for a long time, she gave me a lot of things, a lot!....stuff she doesnt even know. this was all i could give her in return.

6. Summer Love- easy. summer+love=Summer Love


... said...

I just stumbled upon this old post. Well, not THAT old. But are these songs still available somewhere?

Digi D said...

Unfortunately, Mr. J has taken those tracks down by now. I don't know of any other site that he might have posted those tracks, but I would recommend myspacing him and asking for the tracks. He's a great guy and just might hook you up. He is a pretty busy guy though, so no promises.

Oh, I would also suggest going to and join his street team. You're bound to get some free music from him while aiding in his artistic efforts. What could be better?