Monday, August 14, 2006

Uncle Sam, I want a water car.

Modified water spark plug

Herman's Green Machine Water modified Chevy Cavalier

Stan Meyer's Water powered dune buggy

Imagine how nice it would be to run your car entirely off of tap water you get from your kitchen sink or your lawn hose. Imagine if everyone's toxic car emmissions were replaced by billions of gallons of water being released into the air every hour around the world. What would that do to the Ozone layer or to global warming? I don't know the science behind it, but it sounds soo good to me that I have to wonder if it might even heal both problems. Imagine NASA launching rockets into space with no explosive compounds running through the shuttles' engine.

What would this world look like? Well I know we'd have far cleaner air for one. I know we would all love the cost of this new source of fuel. I know this new source of fuel would create an entirely new industry around the world thereby creating jobs for billions of people. Now what if I told you this could all happen now? What if I told you there have been people who've already made these cars and drove them long distances, and they worked? Look at your last receipt from the gas pump, and tell me if you would want this water powered car in your garage. Would you buy it? I sure as heck would. is a site dedicated to the research and findings of a handful of Scientists and inventors who have made the water powered fuel cell a reality. I don't know about you, but I want this car soo bad that I'm willing to push for it to be manufactured and sold across the globe. The challenge is that the human powers that be on this planet have their interests in running the oil industry into the ground. they want us buying their oil until there is none left and they'll stop at nothing to shut out alternative fuel research. The people have to stand up and be aware of this. Depleating the Earth of oil isn't natural, and it definately isn't the answer. Coal isn't the answer for the same reasons, and for mining safety reasons. Water is an infinately renewable resource, and it is natural. Water is supposed to be released into the air anyway.

What can we do about it? Start demanding it. Write your congressman/woman. Make people aware of the alternatives. Educate yourself on the alternatives by visiting sites like Go to the Mythbusters' fan site message board and reply to my post about making a water powered engine on the show. Here's the URL.
Make sure to reply to the post and also give it a rating so the producers will take notice.

Please demand a better life for yourself, your fellow man, and for generations to come. Join us in the revolution. A better world is possible, and it's already started. Be the answer to the chaos.

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